Gilnahirk Radio Station

Gilnahirk Radio Station

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Gilnahirk Secret Wireless Station  

During the Second World War there were a number of Full-Time Wireless Listening Stations were built around the U.K. including this one near Manns Corner, Gilnahirk.

The original WW2 building has gone with the one shown above having been constructed in the 1950’s as a replacement. It was then abandoned since 1978 and was demolished recently for the construction of an appartment complex.

The pictures above show the Station prior to being demolished with the Pump House on the left being the only remaining building connected to the station. Beside the Pump House is the capped well shown here from where the water was filtered and pumped to the radio station.

The Radio Security Service later became part of the Composite Signals Organisation, a British worldwide listening organisation controlled by G.C.H.Q.

I am well informed that the first Radio Station at Gilnahirk had direct links to the work of Bletchley Park, The Sinking of the Bismarck and Plan Fortitude. The system was created by a network of 29 steel towers surrounding the complex which were grouped together in various ways to create radio aerials for interception.